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John from Cincinnati Episodes

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In the vein of similar lj comms, this community has been created to enable sharing of the HBO series, John from Cincinnati. This is a resource community and as such, organisation is pivotal to its smooth running, thus, here are the...


+ jfc_eps is all about give and take. Taking the episodes that have been uploaded for you is fine and is certainly what this community is here for but please also keep in mind that your reciprocal contributions are greatly appreciated and are what helps keep the community alive. Basically, if you download something, comment and then be prepared to re-upload as the need arises.

+ As each new episode airs, I will create a post which will contain the download link. That is, there will be one thread for each episode. Once the download link expires, community members who have taken the episode should re-upload it and provide a link as a comment to my original post. Each episode will be tagged for easy reference.

+ Request a re-upload as a comment to the appropriate episode thread.

+ Requests are limited to one episode per member per week.

+ Hotlinkers will be automatically banned.

+ Pimp jfc_eps by all means but as this is a closed community, advertise judiciously (preferably by friends-locking your post).

+ Episode discussion is permitted and encouraged although the posting of spoilers will earn you a warning and a day locked in an enclosed space with John Monad. Don't risk it! Please keep your discussion confined to the appropriate episode thread.

+ Civility is a must. I reserve the right to ban any member who consistently disregards these guidelines or in any way causes disruption to the community.


+ svu_media
+ cincinnati_tv
+ jfc_icons

Want to affiliate? Drop me an email: jfc_eps@hotmail.com


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